Hot Topic Website – What Does This Mean?

Hot Topic Website

What Does This Mean?

Hot Topic Website – and “What Does This Mean?” let me explain today I am looking for a way to write about something that many people are always looking for and that is a way to make money online or work from home!

Considering the number of searches for this I have decided this is a “HOT TOPIC WEBSITE” and want to help others discover how to do this in the way I am doing 🙂

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Explanation of Hot Topic

Question “How would you like to learn to make money from home?” Wait this is not going to be like all those video gurus or scams that you have heard before so if that is what you are thinking you could not be even close to what I am going to reveal today.

Most of you have either heard of affiliate marketing or know something about what it is, for those of you who do not here is the quick explanation, you set up a website and promote products for companies that you are an affiliate for when someone clicks on the link and purchases the product or service you get paid a commission.

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Sounds fairly simple right? That is what everyone always assumes when they hear affiliate marketing but what they do not tell you is how to set up the website and how to get it ranked on the search engines so people will find it and then purchase the products or services you are promoting.

This was when I experienced my Aha moment – many companies out there give you a free website to promote their products but you are never going to make anything 1000s of other people have the same website with the same problem.

To make matters worse these companies that give away these websites to you are normally scaled with what is called an MLM payment system where the people at the top are making all the money and the ones on the bottom make pennies if anything at all.


Secret to the Hot Topic

Now that I have learned how to build a website place the affiliate links in the proper areas and know what exactly I need to promote as an affiliate things are starting to change.

Basically anyone can do this with a few computer skills that will help but is not necessary because you can learn them as you go along.  The training I found made this so simple that there are actually teenagers working within the community and seniors in their 80s that are making a killing.

What if I tell you that you can start to learn all of this for FREE? That is correct you can actually begin to work online for FREE building your own website and learn how to make it SEO friendly for the search engines to find it and rank it on the internet for FREE!

Most of you are saying yeah right! That is okay too because that is exactly what I thought when I found the link to sign up with myself. There is nothing on the internet that is going to give you training and let you build a website for FREE!

Even if they do you are going to have to pay for hosting without hosting you have a website that just sits and collects dust someone needs to host it for the search engines. But guess what you get that FREE as well – WHAT?

No kidding, here is the deal, you can join a community for FREE that gives you training (20 Lessons to build a website), 2 FREE websites, and FREE hosting, plus included for the first seven days only access to the Live Chat area to ask questions.


Is This A Hot Topic?

Wait for it, that is not all – how about you can actually earn commissions as a FREE member of the community if you want by giving others your affiliate link?  Those are recurring commission every month!

Earn Commissions While You Learn


Seriously, this is not a joke, you can refer people to the same thing you are getting for FREE and if they join the community and upgrade to a Premium status you get paid commissions for them joining as a Premium member!!

There is one other way that you can actually earn while you are learning with the community and that is by giving out comments on other member’s websites once you reach the 50 comment mark they pay you $.50 for every other comment you leave on another member’s website – how cool is that?

Earn with giving comments


The problem that I have telling people about joining mostly is they have been scammed so many times or just see those “shiny object” videos with the fancy cars, swimming pools, and huge houses they think this is another one of those.

Do you see any of that flashy stuff here? NO! you do not, because I work for my money that can be made online every day and there is so much money to be made online you do not have to worry about running out!

Problem is with all those gurus and scammers they make their money by selling you a product or system that is not really going to work there is no magic push-button system out there- sorry to break that to you.


Want to make money online it is the same as having a job – the only great thing about this job is you create a passive income stream that you get paid for over and over again not just once!

Ever have a job where you cannot get anymore raises because you are at the top of your pay scale? That is not the case with an online business you want to make more money then you have the tools and means to just do a lather rinse repeat!

Once you get over the initial hurdles then working where you want and when you want makes so much sense instead of having to put up with a boss telling you what you need to do every day of your life.

Please do not get me wrong the world needs people to work those jobs so this is not for just anyone, oh no it takes time, work, dedication, commitment, and patience. Ever hear “Rome was not built in a day” neither is an online business.

However, this training that you can get will provide you with more than just the opportunity to work with your business online once you have all these skills you can work building websites for local businesses making even more money.


In Closing

So what do you think about this “Hot Topic Website”? Does it make you think about what you would rather be doing with your life and future?

Where are your plans going in the next five or ten years? Do you have any particular goals? What about all those dreams you once had of being a rich man/woman owning a big house and a big fancy car?

If you are a retired person and do not have the money you need to pay those bills what is holding you back from learning a new skill and possibly changing your lifestyle in the best way possible?

Are you disabled and cannot find a job because your disability will not let you? Then this could be the answer that you have been looking for why not give FREE a try what do you have to lose?

Veterans of the armed forces looking for a way to earn then start new learning to build your own business online why not it costs you nothing to begin?

That is all for my “Hot Topic” of today and my invitation to join the community stands from now until forever when you are ready all you need to do is slam that “Click Here” button below and sign up is FREE!


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I am very interested in hearing the answer to those questions above and some other readers might like to hear what you are thinking as well, so please leave them and any comments, suggestions, or questions you have for me in the space provided below.  I answer to them all usually within 24 hours.

Thank you for stopping by today, give the page a bookmark to find your way back easily, share it with someone you might know who is looking for a way to make money online.

Best wishes and to your future success,


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