FIMP – Review Continued – Scam?

FIMP – Review Continued – Scam?

Do not know if you got any value out of the first part of my review on FIMP but this is the balance of what I was able to find out prior to having to purchase a domain and hosting to continue.

You can come to your own conclusions about Free Internet Marketing Program FIMP for short and if the program is worth the time and if it is really FREE like they claim.

Continuing on FIMP

The first post of my review only went as far as Lesson 1 with Ian and ended up being a complete post all by itself. This is going to start with Lesson 2.1 and see where we end up. I am trying to condense the material as best I can without confusing anyone.

Lesson 2.1 starts out with Mind Set for doing Internet Marketing and setting goals mostly that everyone sets unrealistic goals based on how much money they are going to make, this is due to the brainwashing by the marketers of all the scammers selling outdated and bull crap systems.

Lesson 2.2 Ian states that you have to be committed to your goals to succeed and the least amount of time required is 10 hours a week if you are not willing to commit the 10 hours then you should move on and find work elsewhere. Here he looks at milestones you might or might not reach in time from 3 months up to a year depending on your competition niche.

Lesson 2.3 all about setting goals with the right Mind Set never using money making goals but instead setting milestone goals on things you can control such as content production, keyword research, hours you work, how many posts per week, and efficiency with what work you do. Know that high-quality content with good keywords will get you success.

Lesson 3.1 Perfect Niche Selection – never go into a niche for the money, you will thrive on the niche with the most value if you focus on value and helping people while learning the ropes everything else will follow. Viable niches come from the internal place inside you, picking the wrong niche you are going nowhere, just start over when you realize this has happened.

Lesson 3.2 “Niches Broad vs. Narrow” – never target a whole industry always narrow this down to a narrower topic for SEO and Google. Always do a Pro’s and Con’s of products and Keywords how do they fit into your niche. Think you have nothing to write about start with all the jobs you ever had – you are an authority in these and can write about them.



Lesson 3.3 “Are You Dealing with a Buy Audience?” – the Freeloaders niches – song lyrics, recipes, quotes, etc. People visiting these websites are only looking for free information they will not buy anything.

Reviews especially on products solving personal problems (particularly a private problem) good because they have someone with emotionally charged pain this is the perfect audience.

Products you want to always be at the high end because commission on small stuff requires too many visitors to your website to purchase to make really good money. So a website doing a kitchen or bathroom remodel for DIY is great not just for tools required but supplies to do the job as well.

Complex Products and High-End Electronics you really should purchase these yourself and do reviews on them they are more authentic when you can video the use of them when describing features (one thing to know costs of products used for business in the USA are tax write-offs).

Lesson 3.4 “Scared of Competition?” – you should never be afraid of the competition if there is a high competition that means there is money to be made you need to produce high-quality content and it is only a matter of time before you topple the ones from the top and take their place. The only exception here is paid advertisers such as Amazon, Mayo Clinic,, etc.

Evergreen niches are – Health/Wellness/Beauty – Make Money/Investing/Business Opportunity – Relationships/Dating. These are always going to be high competition and there is always room for more just produce high-quality content.

Lesson 3.5 “Internet Market Economics” – Cheaper products you promote on your website the harder it will be to make any money, but the higher price products you sell means you will be selling less but making more. What you want is fewer conversions but high end/high commission products to make the best money.

Lesson 3.6 “Good Niche/Bad Niche” – discusses good niches vs bad niches.

Lesson 3.7 “Press Forward – But Start Over If Stuck” – discusses the summary of lesson 3 and start over in the event you get stuck.

Less 4.1 “Website Building” Alright I think we are finally getting someplace and going to start to really work on something with this lesson – WRONG – Ian wants to now know if you can “Make money online without a website?” No, not hardly not saying it is impossible by highly unlikely.

Going on Ian states that you might feel like this is wasting time but it is not you need to learn all this because it is what is standing between you and a better future and your success online. You need to develop an independent mentality with millions of websites online research first ask questions later. No one is going to hold your hand and do it for you.

Lesson 4.2 “Anatomy Of A Perfect Domain” – Now this is more time-consuming than most people think it can take hours to figure out the perfect domain name and it can not be changed once selected and purchased. Don’t fall into the “analysis paralysis” but get something good and fitting.

Always get a dot com if you are going for a money making website the dot net and dot org are alright but not the same as the universal dot com. Needs to be memorable, brandable, easy to spell, and the shorter the better. If you can include the keyword in the domain name definitely do it.

Lesson 4.3 “Best Place to Buy A Domain Name” Here Ian refers everyone to where you can get a coupon and purchase a domain name at a discount for the first year which includes domain privacy included for free.

Other places like GoDaddy and other hosting companies that sell cheap domains do not include the privacy and you have to pay for it separately making them higher priced. He also tells everyone not to buy hosting at the same place they purchase their domain name due to the upsells when adding hosting.

Lesson 4.4 “Securing Hosting for Your Website” Ian wants everyone to get their hosting from “Blue Host” and to use his affiliate link when purchasing their hosting – this keeps FIMP funded (so he says).

He states that this is the best price for hosting when starting out and to get the Unlimited Domain Hosting Package, even if this is shared hosting it is still a very good hosting and will work just fine for you.


kids earn for free banner

Time Wasted?

Do not know about you but all the information that I received here is good information but I sure did condense this down to two short posts instead of rambling on for 6 and a half hours wasting your time.

Free Internet Marketing Program is most definitely not FREE – you have to purchase a domain name which can run you around $12.00 with tax and fees even with GoDaddy $.99 domain name you still need the privacy which is another $8.00.

Hosting fees run really cheap for the first year this is very true some companies will offer you it for $2.95 month but this is for one website only and does not include anything like Site Speed, SSL Certificate, or Site Protection which is something Ian did not tell anyone on the video.

Without SSL Certificates this means your website will show up as being unsecured when people try to visit it and that means you are going to get no traffic at all to your site they get a warning turn back site is unsecured.

Google and the other search engines will not rank a website that is slow loading either so on a shared server like “Blue Host” without purchasing the Site Speed and Site Protection do you really think your website is going to rank?

If you would like seriously FREE training along with FREE websites and FREE hosting that has everything needed then you need to look into Wealthy Affiliate they have it all and it is all FREE – 20 FREE lessons, 2 FREE websites, with FREE hosting that includes Site Speed, SSL Certificates, and Site Protection.

Click Here for your free account

In Closing

FIMP is not a scam operation they do give you some valuable information but take their good old time getting around to spitting it out.

Wealthy Affiliate can give you more information and in the amount of time that it took me to listen to Ian at FIMP well I could have done a couple of lessons and built a couple of websites with at least two posts at a 1000 words each.

Not only that because I could never access the rest of the lessons like I wanted to do I cannot report on what else is inside this platform not that I feel it does not have some value, but I know now for a fact it is not FREE like they claim.

With Wealthy Affiliate, they do have a FREE starter membership and when you decide you want to go to the Premium Membership there are no hidden costs involved!

Membership fees are in black and white $49.00 per month and if you want you can do a yearly membership for $359.00 the only other expense is your domain name which you can purchase right at Wealthy Affiliate and not have to transfer hosting companies the most expensive domain name I have ever seen is $15.99 that is for a whole year.

Want a really special deal to join now for FREE as a starter and if you decide to go Premium within you first seven days you can get your first full month Premium Membership for only $19.00 what a deal right?

What are your thoughts about FIMP vs Wealthy Affiliate?

Which one would you rather join for FREE?

Click Here for your free account

Seriously would enjoy hearing your thoughts on these two companies below along with any comments, suggestions, or questions you might have you can leave them in the space provided.

Thank you for the time you have invested in reading the information provided for you here about FIMP and there are other reviews here on my website if you want to check any of them out.

Best wishes and to your success,


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14 thoughts on “FIMP – Review Continued – Scam?”

  1. Hi Susan,

    Thank you for spending 6 hours doing your research on FIMP. This is the first time that I heard of this program. From reading your review, it is more like FIMP wants to get your mind ready first before start doing the affiliate marketing. 

    Nothing is wrong with that, but here is my thought, how can you learn something without getting your hands dirty? Getting your mindset right is an important point I think the practice and mindset should be working together. Or we would just be thinking about doing it, instead of doing it. I am with WA at the moment so I get to practice both that I mentioned. 



    • Nattanee,

      Yes, some of what Ian mentioned is mind set to prepare you for getting into internet marketing.  However, for over 6 hours after pulling all the relevant training out of the videos and placing it on two articles highlighting them all well I do not feel this is worth people wasting their time with.  What got me was at the end I had to purchase a domain and hosting from his affiliate link to continue the training. I do not consider that free!

      I will agree in staying with WA you have hands on training starting immediately along with training for the right mind set as you go.  The FREE starter membership is really FREE too!



  2. Susan,

    What a wonderful tribute to WA!  This is truly the best place to learn about blogging and affiliate marketing.  Your FIMP article is well written and easy to read.  You give plenty of information so that the person reading it can make an informative decision.  Spending so much time listening to all that finding out it was not going to be free in the end like they claimed.  More people need to realize that when people claim something is free more than likely in the end it is going to cost them something.

    Keep up the great work!  We’ll all do very well when we’re working together. Right?

    • Marsha,

      Appreciate you stopping by and checking out FIMP they are not a total scam that is true but more along the lines of false advertising.  After listening to over 6 hours of the owner rambling on and on with only the highlights that I pulled out as the real training well it was a long day.  When I got to the place where I had to purchase a domain name and hosting to continue the training?  Well, this is not so free after all now is it?

      Thanks for responding,


  3. Thank you Susan

    You really helped me dodge a nasty bullet here. I have been bamboozled a few times and still interested in being an affiliate. FIMP was almost another bad choice. Choosing the right one has been a severe pain in the….. This Wealthy Affiliate looks promising. The fact that I can try it for 7 days without having to pay for anything is great. I am sorry but I will be back to yell at you if it’s not all it’s talked up to be. Kari

    • Kari,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my article about FIMP you would not have made it through more than about three videos if that.  I only continued to see what was going to happen.  Just as I figured early on there had to be a catch along the way.  When I could not continue with the training until I purchased a domain name and hosting from the man’s affiliate links I knew then that I was finally finished listening to him.  So much time wasted!  Wealthy Affiliate gives you what they promise for FREE training – 2 free websites – and free hosting!

      Thanks again,


  4. FIMP not a scam. The reviews said it. Just like other platforms where money can be made online. Evergreen niches are – Health/Wellness/Beauty – Make Money/Investing/Business Opportunity – Relationships/Dating. These are always going to be high competition and there is always room for more just produce high-quality content. Really thank you for posting this. 

    • Olalekan,

      Well thank you for that!  I did in no way state that FIMP was a scam – but after sitting through over 6 hours of listening to the man to find out if I wished to continue with the training I needed to spend $100.00 then it is NOT a FREE training now is it?

      What I am getting at is this in a way is false advertising even if you get a few morsels of valuable information which takes over 6 hours of your valuable time the training is not free!  Want some real hands on FREE training with no obligation then you need to check out Wealthy Affiliate – and you can keep your FREE membership along with 2 free websites and hosting at no cost whatsoever!

      Thank you,


  5. Hi Susan,I have not heard of this program so your analysis of it was very informative to me. Your shortened recap of the material is much appreciated and saved the rest of us a lot time. The information you have condensed actually sounded credible to me until I got to the end and read your story on how much time it took you to gather it and the potential cost. It sounds like it is not a total scam but there are better programs out there. Like the one we are all working in right now. Thank you for the look into another program and the comparison to this program. I feel confident now that I have chosen the best program for Internet Marketing.Your site is very easy to read and holds our attention right to the end. Congratulations and best wishes on all your sites.

    • Jean,

      I do not think FIMP is a scam at all – but a waste of time for claiming to be FREE internet marketing training.  I found some of it valuable but the length of time required to pull the valuable pieces of information out of all the conversation was a bit much.  

      You could not move on with the training unless you purchased a domain and hosting, which of course the man running the training gets paid commissions from.  Just felt it was a waste of 6 hours of time for the small amount of knowledge gained.  With WA in six hours I can build a website and add at least four pieces of content I think my small amount paid for WA is way worth it over FIMP.



  6.  I diligently reviewed WA before I joined. For the 1st time, I see FIMP in this product comparison review. The free membership with FIMP is not the same as WA but looks inferior. I never will use a website having no security. Buying domain from one place, hosting at another and at lower speed is putting your site in trouble. 

    To rise to the top of the game you need so much from multiple directions, I will avoid stuff that could be handled like site speed etc. at WA but not at FIMP. No preference for FIMP here.

    I see it as leasing the all-in-one package for internet marketing from WA with $359/ year. It is not mine but I use it to be successful. In case of FIMP, you pay the same yearly premium but Domain and hosting are not integrated into one place. Is there an advantage with FIMP vs. WA if you separate from the organization?

    Think of leaving WA, some people have said, they could not get anything back except their domain. I am not sure if it is true or not. Same way how does FIMP treat with respect quitting from them?

    I have not read the first part to comprehend the complete picture.

    WA is superior if I compare with FIMP.

    • Anusuya,

      Sorry you did not get a chance to read the first part of my article on FIMP, it was all the highlights from his previous videos.  I am not saying that he does not give some valuable information here, because he does in a very lengthy drawn out form.  The problem is after listening and taking notes for 6 hours you have to purchase a domain from one place then hosting from another place, prior to getting any hands on training.

      Then you cannot continue to train without these two which you must purchase through his affiliate links.  Sorry, if I am told something is free then later it turns out I need to spend over $100.00 just to get started that is not free in my book.

      Free training like this always has a price tag someplace, WA is the only place I can confirm that gives you exactly what they claim – FREE training – 2 free websites – and free hosting.  No obligation to go Premium – but for the price it is a steal compared to anything you are going to find.

      Thanks for taking the time to read my article,


  7. I am in FIMP and the paid course that accesses the “advanced material” which is called IMP. Ian seems like a great guy and the material so far seems good. !

    Even though I know that Ian is big with WA, he doesn’t really teach to use their system (so far), although I have seen his reviews from the past and link to join WA; as I said, so far, it’s not in FIMP/IMP.

    The process of implementation is very slow with FIM/IMP. I have not completed the course as it is quite lengthy as you did mention, so, I do not have anything to review other than, it takes a lot of time.

    I did pay for the “advanced tutorials” called IMP.. I would like to have seen real testimonials of people that have success with FIMP rather than the ones where they feel they will have success. But, I spent the money anyway. 5 months later…no real results to mention. Probably me?

    I’m getting ready to invest in another program that is step by step and focused on truly selling products outside of the money making niche. And, guarantees sales within a short period of time. Real tetimonials of success – big and small.

    Why I never used WA? I asked a top WA affiliate where he makes his money and he was honest enough to say it was from promoting WA. Could this be the case for all the top earners with WA? Don’t know but suspect it may be.

    • R.C.,

      I do not think that FIMP is a scam, but then again I do not think that you are going to earn any real money quickly
      with Ian’s program either.

      That is really not the way that affiliate marketing works. It is not a get-rich-quick way of earning but instead a
      way to earn a passive income online for years into the future.

      There are a number of training platforms offered on the internet today choosing the right one for you is what is the
      most important to reach success. I have found with WA that the success stories are something that keeps anyone who
      is really interested in making money online motivated to keep going.

      Spending 6 1/2 hours listening to Ian with no hands-on work being done was a bit much for me to handle. During those
      6 1/2 hours I could have researched and been able to write a couple of articles for on my websites. This is one of
      the drawbacks of his platform.

      People when joining a paid program to learn prefer a hands-on learning experience. WA gives you this, FIMP does not!
      Looking at all the differences, I feel that most people would benefit faster with Wealthy Affiliate over FIMP. With
      the ability to try Wealthy Affiliate 100% FREE with two websites, free hosting, 20 free lessons, and a few other great
      benefits to get you started why would anyone not want to give it a try? None of the other programs that I have found
      give you all of this absolutely FREE to get started!

      Individuals can always leave should they find WA is not right for them or they can keep the two free websites and free
      hosting as long as they remain active. Once a website becomes dormant for 30 days then it is taken down from the
      internet. Does FIMP offer you this? No, instead Ian wants you to purchase a domain and hosting through his affiliate
      links saying that is what keeps FIMP running?

      Finding that I could sum up in two short articles, what took Ian 6 1/2 hours to talk through I do believe upset him more
      than the fact I was promoting Wealthy Affiliate to my audience. Either that or he already knows that WA is well worth
      the membership for what you are getting in return, after all, he has been a member himself for a number years!

      You should take the time to get yourself a FREE Starter Membership to compare what WA has to offer against FIMP/IMP or
      any other program you might have joined. WA does by far stand higher than the others with what you are going to learn.
      The skills from WA will let you diversify into other areas that you have not even considered.

      Thank you for taking the time to read my review of FIMP, wishing you the best with your online endeavors,


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