Affiliate Marketing -Why Training at Wealthy Affiliate?

Why Wealthy Affiliate for Training?

When it comes to training for an online business you are only going to want the best.  Think about yourself do you want only half of everything in your life you know like half a house or half a car?

Looking for the proper training and the best is the most important thing for you to become successful and make the most amount of money online.

You have important ingredients that you need to learn such as how to build a website that will convert, write compelling content to keep visitors coming back for more, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Keywords, and the one most important ingredient how to get traffic to your website.

Searching online or getting those emails from all those gurus they are not going to tell you about those ingredients above oh no they will not even mention them in their sales videos to you wonder why that is?

I have a pretty good idea why considering all they want to do is get you in the door so they can keep sucking money from you with all the up sales they have in store.

Back on track here, sorry about that, now with Wealthy Affiliate when you get your FREE Starter Membership you will be getting 20 Lessons for free and this is what I wanted to explain in this article.


Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) 

After setting up your Starter Account for FREE then the first place I recommend you go is the Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC), here you are going to receive all of Level 1 which is 10 Lessons listed on the chart below.



Lesson 1 – Getting Rolling

Will be how to set up your profile with an image that you can select from the gallery or a picture of yourself along with a brief description of why you have come to Wealthy Affiliate.

Kyle goes over all of this in detail in his video during the first hour after you join you will be welcomed by myself and also Kyle and Carson with Welcome messages and please send me any questions you have to my profile.

Usually, I am available in the community because I enjoy helping the new members as well as some of the more experienced members and learning new methods and techniques daily.

After completing Lesson 1 you might want to find your way to Live Chat which will be on the left side menu under your profile. Going there to ask any questions you might have is always highly recommended.

Find out what other members have to say and how they feel about the training and community get a feel for all that goes on inside the community you will find that we have many helpful and experienced members there to answer any of your questions.

Lesson 2 – How To Make Money Online

This might sound like what I explained on the first article I have put in front of you but Kyle goes into depth of exactly how things work with making money online and have you do tasks in a step by step way that makes things much clearer.

affiliate marketing chart

Lesson 3 – Choose A Niche

With this Lesson Kyle will explain to you there are millions of niche ideas out there and choosing one can be where everyone gets stuck but if you know prior to going into this then you can work on selecting a niche ahead of time.

Lesson 4 – Building Your Website

Up until this point I have not said this but please follow all the lessons in order do not skip around because you are only going to confuse yourself – Kyle has been doing this for over 18 years making him an experienced highly qualified educator for us to learn from.

Lesson 5 – Setting Up Your Website

This is the point at which you begin to learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) one of the most important ingredients to make you successful or if you do not follow Kyle in this area a failure on the first try.

Lesson 6 – Getting Your Website Ready for Search Engines

The good stuff now begins with learning even more about SEO and how does Google, Bing, Yahoo find your website and it gets placed out there for the people to be able to view and find your website.

Lesson 7 – Creating Your Initial Website Content

Each website on the internet must contain certain documents or articles that are called content that you must create and place on your own website do not fear because this is exactly where I was like no way I am no writer and you now want me to write content?

Seriously, once you start and with practice over a couple of weeks time writing content becomes a piece of cake except for on occasion writer’s block does set in planning usually will help in this case.

Lesson 8 – Creating Custom Menus On Your Website

Important lesson because even if you created content and published it to your website unless you add it to the menu no one is going to see it because it is going to sit in WordPress as a draft until you add it to the menu.

Kyle is going to show you a few ways to set up menus on your website so that everyone will be able to see the content that you have written.

Lesson 9 – Understanding Keywords The Start Of Your Content

Keywords are what content is based on along with the niche you are going to build your website around, in this lesson, although you can go back and watch it anytime over again Kyle teaches you about how and why to do the extensive research on the keywords you are going to be using and why.

Lesson 10 – Congratulations and Your Next Steps Are

Congratulations you will have a few tasks to complete in this lesson but you are now finished with the FREE lessons included with your Stater Membership from the Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC).



Boot Camp Affiliate Training

These next 1o Lessons are Level 1 of the Boot Camp Affiliate Training included FREE with your Starter Membership.  Boot Camp will go into more detailed training for the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate and affiliate marketing rather than a niche website basically the same but they are different.

Bootcamp Training Level 1

Lesson 1 – Getting Started

Kyle will welcome you in this first lesson and explain the community just like in the last Lesson 1 of the OEC Training giving you more of what the Wealthy Affiliate means to us all.

Lesson 2 – Choosing Your Direction

Lesson 2 will start you out with how to game plan your business instead of trying to find a niche that you want to begin working with you will then make a game plan on how you should promote affiliate marketing.

Lesson 3 – Building Your Website

This is basically walking you through building your website just like in the OEC Training but I suggest you do each task again practice makes perfect if you have completed the first 10 Lessons then this will instill more experience.

Lesson 4 – A Website Look Around

This is where you are going to get more involved with the WordPress usage and how to implement even more of the features on the platform with themes and menus.

Lesson 5 – Activating Your Plugins

Yes, you did activate the All In One SEO when you were doing the OEC Training but there are more plugins that you can use besides just the All In One so make sure to follow along with Kyle and check off all the tasks.

Lesson 6 – Getting Your Website Ready for SEO

Looking into SEO more Kyle explains more features and how SEO works where to place keywords and really optimize your website for the search engines so you can rank higher.

Lesson 7 – Your Initial Framework of Content

As you train writing more and more content is the absolute best practice for when you continue your training as a Starter Member or Premium Member Content is massively important in the online world.

Lesson 8 – Understanding the Keyword Research Process

For me taking this lesson began a whole new meaning with the way I was doing my keyword research so when I say never ever skip over lessons once you go through and listen to Kyle you will begin to understand why I keep stressing this point.

Lesson 9 – Creating Thoughtful, Insightful Reviews

Training now goes off in a different direction with content that is one of the reasons I stress do not skip around and complete each and every task Kyle is teaching you.  Reviews are content that are placed on your website and this is one of the easiest things to create content on with products or services.

Lesson 10 – The Exciting Journey Has Begun

This is the last FREE Lesson with the Starter Membership that you have with the Boot camp Affiliate Training, my question to you is “Why have you not gone Premium yet?”.



In Closing

That is the free training in the simple form above believe me it is much more in detail when Kyle shows you all you are going to be doing step by step in the videos.

Do not forget you do get the 2 free websites to build along with free hosting with all the Site Speed, SSL Certifications, and Site Protection with your FREE Starter Membership.

The only thing you will lose after the 7-day trial is over would be your access to Live Chat and honestly, this is a part of your success being able to have access to all the experienced members willing to help you succeed.

Starting an online business is not for everyone but that is not a problem we need people to work in all positions in this world.  I am just one of the ones who prefers to not have to punch a time clock or have a boss hanging around telling me what to do.

Another thing no more company politics to deal with is an excellent bonus to working at home.

With affiliate marketing, I am free to work on my own terms where I want, when I want, as long or as little as I want, as long as I have an internet connection.

What is holding you back after all this is FREE click on the box below and get your Starter Membership now you have nothing to lose but everything to gain 🙂

Work from Home Create Your Free Account Now


I appreciate all comments, suggestions, and questions from my readers so please leave them in the space provided below.  I answer these usually within 24 hours.

Best wishes and to your success,


6 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing -Why Training at Wealthy Affiliate?”

  1. Very well layed out page, very informative. Like you I spent many hours searching the web to find ways to make passive earnings from home. Out of all the pages I have read yours is in the top of the list of best ones I have seen. One of the first that didn’t send up red flags of it being a scam. I am just getting started with WA also and I hope we both go along way with the opportunity they have given us. Best of Luck and keep up the good work.

    • Rob,
      Thank you for visiting my website, I am trying to let people know that not all the offers out there are scams.
      If people would do their homework they could find many ways to make money on line; but they want to push a button
      and get rich! This is not how anyone has ever made money on line it begins with working and working hard.
      Please come back anytime I will be adding more in the future to help not only those starting out but those already
      in the business.

  2. Hello Marley,

    You have really made a very briefed and self explanatory article on how to create a platform and work from home, It’s well structured. I have been with wealthy affiliate for a while now and it really worth it. I do work for clients before I got introduced to wealthy affiliate which really teaches you free how to create platforms online.
    Now, I have work of my own and work from home too.

    • Bibian,

      Thank you for such words about my web site, my goal is to help people find a way to make money Working from Home without paying out of pocket expenses for the schemers and scammers that are out there.

      My website I believe gives them a taste of what is to come and joining this program is not a scam.

      Once again thank you,


  3. Hi Marley

    Your article inspires. It also shows that the support you receive at Wealthy Affiliate is awesome. My aunt wants to start a home business but a bit unsure if she would be able to perform the tasks required. I have saved your article to show her that this is possible within a great platform like Wealthy Affiliate. Your accomplishments so far are amazing. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Anthony,

      Thank you so much for visiting my website that being the first thing I would like to say to you.  Secondly, please do show your Aunt this whole website not just my Niche; she will find that starting her own on line business is no longer just a dream.  She will be able to follow along with all the training at her own speed and the community here will give her support and encouragement with all her endeavors.  When one of us succeeds we all succeed.

      Susan 🙂


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